Life Insurance and Obesity

Our speciality here at Pulse is to provide Life Insurance for individuals who cannot get the cover required due to a pre-existing medical condition. Many of our inquiries relate to obesity. It is frequently combined with High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and other problems. It is always worth trying us even when cover has been declined or postponed by the standard market.

In our last post for National Cholesterol Awareness Month we referred to the plethora of advice coming from the media concerning diet. A reduction in weight is one of the things that an individual can do to improve their health. This is perhaps second only to giving up smoking which we covered in our posts about No Tobacco Day 2021, Stroke Awareness Month 2021 and our post on why Life underwriters remain cautious about E-Cigarettes. But it is widely recognised that smoking is difficult to give up because of the highly addictive quality of nicotine.

In the same way, losing weight is an easy piece of advice to give but can be difficult for individuals to achieve. But the importance of doing so is increasingly well recognised because of the physical and psychological improvements that will follow weight loss. It is positive to report that the number of treatments for obesity has steadily increased.  For instance, there is now available a weekly injection treatment, Semaglutide, sold under brand names including Wegovy and Ozempic. This medication makes people feel full and reduces appetite.

Other better-known treatments include Gastric bands and Gastric bypasses or Bariatric surgery.

When someone seeking Life Insurance is declined or postponed cover, the knock-on effect can be financial. Without the right cover in place, it may become difficult to obtain a mortgage or business loan or simply to provide the family protection required.  Many of our clients come to us for precisely these reasons. So, it is always worth contacting Pulse to see if we help. Life insurance can be such an important part of financial planning.

For more information about what we can offer to individuals with high BMI, please visit our specific product page.

We cannot offer terms to all who come to us; however, we will do our best to assist in all circumstances.

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