National Cholesterol Awareness Month October 2021

Heart UK is the driving force behind National Cholesterol Awareness Month and has much information on the importance of diet and exercise in the control of cholesterol. Porridge is recommended which, as winter approaches, is welcome news.

It also highlights the development of a new drug, Inclisiran, which will be rolled outby the NHS next year. It can be administered by a twice-yearly injection. It will be prescribed mainly to people with a genetic condition that leads to high cholesterol, who have already had a previous cardiovascular event. It is estimated that this drug could save as many as 30,000 lives at risk from heart attacks and strokes.

Information about the drug and the fascinating and innovative “gene silencing “technique that it uses can be found here.

At the beginning of the pandemic questions were asked as to whether raised cholesterol increased vulnerability to Covid. Research suggests that in itself it shouldn’t do so. But problems may arise when it is combined with the illnesses that are frequently associated with it, such as diabetes and obesity. On the flip side of this coin statins are widely used to control cholesterol levels and research has been carried out to see if statins reduce the risk of death from Covid. The Times published last Friday October 15th, an interesting article referring to the  latest research conducted in Sweden, which gives  cautious support for the proposition that statins do slightly lower Covid mortality rates. The research certainly supported the continued use of statins during the pandemic.

Here at Pulse we provide life assurance for individuals who cannot get the cover they require from the standard market due to a wide range of medical conditions including raised cholesterol, diabetes and obesity. We cannot offer cover to every applicant, but it is important to note that when we do so the cover will include Covid.

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