Group Life Insurance

Group Life

Pulse are specialist in providing Group Life policies when mainstream insurers may decline.

We specialise in finding bespoke cover tailored to your specific needs.

There are many examples of specialist cover we have provided, but sometimes its is simply a case of a desire for something that simply does not suit the computer-driven processes of many mainstream providers.

It is a fact Pulse were able to find and provided cover for assistance teams travelling to Ebola regions at the height of the epidemic.

But often we help with less risky, but slightly intricate arrangements such as:-

  • a few key individuals in a small company
  • a high sum insured
  • a very short or longer policy period
  • specialist projects or jobs in dangerous places
  • a few older directors needing high cover and with medical conditions
  • member of staff uninsurable on the company groups scheme but needing the same benefits
  • more complex arrangement such as relevant life cover giving both company and insured persons family financial clarity

What other Group covers are available?

In addition to Group Life, Pulse can arrange Group Personal Accident Insurance, Group Travel and Group Income Replacement Cover for schemes with 3 or more members.

Our normal minimum numbers for Group Life schemes is 10 but please contact us for smaller groups as we can sometimes offer flexible terms even for small groups and discretionary members.

Why Pulse for Group Covers?

Pulse specialise in cover when other insurers often decline.

  • We obtain cover for groups where the members may be based abroad, work in politically unstable areas, travel widely or when a UK company has an overseas subsidiary.
  • We specialise in placing cover for groups which have been declined or are having difficulty in obtaining cover with mainstream providers.
  • We can quote premiums or sums insured in a number of currencies, the most common being Sterling, US Dollars and euro.

Policies are for a term of one year.

What information is needed to quote?

We believe this is a type of policy where it is best for us to have a quick conversation before asking you to complete any formal paperwork.

Please call us on 01280 841 430 or contact us by email as you prefer.

If we are to proceed with a quotation, we will need the following information for each member:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Location/country of residence
  • Nationality
  • Occupation
  • Salary
  • Benefit required (often linked to salary)
  • Company name and country of registration & website address (if applicable)

Should you not have all of the above information, please still contact us to see if we can assist you with your enquiry.

For different types of cover, it is possible that we will need further details but the above are standard requirements for all types of cover.

Underwriters can make adjustments for joiners and leavers either at the end of the policy term or as they happen, depending upon the size of the scheme and type of cover.

You may send the information requested above to [email protected] – an Excel or Word File or any common data format is very welcome.