Travel Insurance

Travel Cover for your needs

While many can buy their Travel insurance from mainstream insurers, if you have medical conditions and/or need cover when you are working or not all insurers will offer cover.

Equally, if you need cover for you or a group of employees or if working or even volunteering in less hospitable territories, cover can again be harder to find.

Pulse specialise in finding cover for those circumstances when many insurers are unable or unwilling to quote.

Leisure Travel Cover with Medical Conditions

Finding Holiday Travel Insurance that covers your pre-existing medical conditions is important, especially if your conditions are more serious. It can also be more difficult as not all travel insurers specialise in cover for those with medical conditions.

It is true that cover may not always be available for those with more serious ill-health, but a specialist provider will typically offer cover for more serious conditions than some mainstream insurers.

Some travel insurers offer you the facility to declare your medical conditions online, if you wish, and may provide instant quotations / cover. Equally, it can be reassuring or necessary to talk to a trained agent who can answer specific queries and guide you through your application.

Pulse has partnered with Policy Direct who are dedicated to providing specialist travel insurance to people who have a pre-existing medical condition (and their families).

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Group & Work-related Travel

Most of the travel insurance offers online focus on holiday activities and will either exclude or limit cover relating to work activities.

In addition to being able to cover the vast majority of trips and activities, Pulse are able to offer a number of beneficial covers and features including:-

  • Nil excesses for business trips
  • Six month any one business trip duration as standard (can be extended up to 12 months, if required)
  • Non-Adjustable, non-declaration policies
  • Directors Holiday Travel usually included as standard
  • Incidental Holiday included as standard
  • Accompanying Spouses/Partners and Dependent Children included whilst travelling with Insured Persons on business trip.

Our policy includes a raft of supplementary benefits included as standard such as:

  • Retraining Benefit
  • Coma Benefit
  • Hospitalisation Benefit

If you would like to discuss your Travel Insurance requirements, please call us on 01603 626 904 to speak to one of our expert Team.