Short Term Life Insurance

What is Short Term Life Insurance

This is a relatively new product which is designed to provide cover to someone who is in need of it quickly or who needs cover only for a a very short period of time. Typically, it is available on special terms and based on restricted information without fuller medical reports and tests. There are relatively few insurers willing offer Life Insurance for less than one year.

Who needs Short Term Life Insurance?

There are a variety of reasons why finding cover immediately or for a very brief period is needed. Often it is also very important and the persons may suddenly be without any or adequate life insurance protection for their loved one’s. Examples of when this cover may be relevant include:-
  • If you are applying or a new longer term policy and awaiting a GP report before cover can be issued/confirmed – you may wish to obtain 30 days cover whilst awaiting the report to be returned and assessed.
  • If you are changing jobs and or have been made redundant and are seeking a new job, there may be a known gap or even undefined period when a company employee “death ins service” style benefit is not in place.
  • A work assignment or even holiday may take you to a hazardous country or location where your current life insurance provider will not provide cover

What is the minimum and maximum Term?

We have provided cover for someone working a single day trackside at the Monaco Grand prix. We are usually able to provide Short Term Policies for up to a year. The period of cover can be agreed at the start OR where a job search may take days or a few months, it can run on a monthly basis until any new “death in service” cover kicks in.

How can I arrange a Short Term Insurance Policy?

We believe this is a type of policy where it is best for us to have a quick conversation before asking you to complete any formal paperwork. Please call us on 01280 841 430 or contact us by email as you prefer.