Medical Conditions

Life Insurance - Cover for your condition(s)

Pulse Insurance specialise in finding Life Insurance and other covers for those with medical conditions.

Our customers have usually been declined Life cover by other insurers or can’t find the cover they need.

Our team offer you friendly and professional help backed by years of experience and expertise.

We like to think if cover is available, we will find it for you.

Pulse offer dedicated information about many specific conditions which can make finding life insurance difficult.

Pulse specialise in finding cover when your medical condition(s) see other insurers decline to quote.

Please answer accurately and contact us if you are at all unsure.

If your condition is not listed please use our contact form to give us details of your condition and the cover you are looking for.

Pulse Insurance specialise in Life Insurance and more for those with medical conditions which make finding cover more difficult. We offer you friendly and professional help to find the cover that is desired.

Many insurers may decline to quote for Life Insurance where a person has serious health issues which may affect their lifespan. Some insurers may try to exclude cover for your conditions!

This can make it difficult, for the very people who fear they may not live as long, to provide the kind of peace of mind and financial safety net they want and that their loved ones need.

Pulse work closely with specialist life Underwriters at Lloyd’s of London and other specialist insurers to arrange such cover. The policy premium required may be higher, sometimes significantly higher, but fairly reflecting the increased risk of those with the most serious conditions.

We know that getting and early idea if you can be covered and what kind of premium costs is involved is important. You can begin by reviewing the dedicated details about your condition(s) on this website.

If you want to enquire about cover, you can do so online or by downloading and completing an enquiry form or calling us if you need any help.

Every enquiry including the details you provide about your Medical Condition(s) is reviewed by an expert underwriter.

We usually give an indication of premium and cover availability within 5 days.

Our policyholders tell us that it is really important to learn the availability of cover and to get an idea of price quickly.

It can be but is not always necessary for us to seek a Doctor’s report or for you to undergo medical examinations, blood tests and other tests that will confirm your health to allow our underwriters to quote a fair and accurate premium and confirm cover details. These tests are paid for by the underwriter, if you take out the policy.

Examples of policies we have arranged

Mortgage Protection

  • UK Insured with an Alcohol issue
  • Life including Terminal Illness Cover
  • £72,300 sum assured
  • over 15 Years
  • £206.88 Annual Premium

Mortgage Protection

  • UK Insured with an Anxiety Disorder
  • Single Life
  • £119,000 sum assured
  • over 10 Years
  • £420.00 Annual Premium
  • Mortgage Protection
  • UK Insured after a Brain aneurysm
  • Life including Terminal Illness Cover
  • £337,824 sum assured
  • over 21 Years
  • £1,602.96 Annual Premium
  • Mortgage Protection
  • UK Insured after Cancer
  • Life
  • £154,385 sum assured
  • over 31 Years
  • £480.00 annual premium