Gift Inter Vivos (GIV)

What is a Gift Inter Vivos for?

It is designed to cover those who are passing on money/assets (a ‘gift’) to someone else.

If the donor, passing on the gift were to die during the 7 year period that followed, the recipient(s) would be liable for potential inheritance tax.

The amount of inheritance tax tapers over the 7 years, but would likely represent a significant reduction in the gift.

 How does a Gift Inter Vivos work?

Our Gift Inter Vivos policy protects the recipient of a gift by paying out a lump sum, if the donor dies within the 7 years.

The policy is typically designed with a Sum Assured that reduces in line with the potential tax liability.

The cost of cover is of course dependent on the age and health of the donor as well as the sum assured. Often, the premium represents an attractive cost compared to the scale of inheritance tax that would otherwise be insured.

Pulse are able to provide cover for very highs sums and also issue polices incepting on a life up to 85 years of age (subject to underwriting acceptance).

How can I arrange a Gift Inter Vivos policy?

We believe this is a type of policy where it is best for us to have a quick conversation before asking you to complete any formal paperwork.

Please call us on 01280 841430 or contact us by email as you prefer.