Life Insurance


Life Insurance is possibly the most fundamental and important insurance to arrange for anyone who has others who depend on them. While many people often consider Life Insurance specifically to protect a mortgage, there are many other reasons that life cover should be considered.

There are many insurance providers, but for those who have medical conditions or a history of mental illness or work in a hazardous occupation or enjoy higher risk pastimes; the choice of insurers may be far smaller. It can also more difficult to find cover once an insurer has declined cover, as this declinature must often be declared on all future applications.

Pulse Insurance was established in 1998 and ever since have been helping insure people who are declined Life Insurance and other covers by other insurers. It is not always possible to find cover for every life, but we like to think if cover is available, we will find a solution.

Pulse work directly with a specialist underwriters at Lloyd’s and/or FCA regulated UK insurers. If you have not been declined, or when we believe you may be able to get standard cover from a more mainstream insurer.

Inevitably, higher risk or higher sums insured mean that premiums are also higher, but the impact of not being protected is perhaps the highest cost. It is also important that your policy cover is only restricted as a last resort, that risk is why you want protection after all.

More than 80% of our team’s underwriting and life insurance expertise exceeds 12 years.

We communicate with intermediaries and private clients alike and then speak directly to our underwriters every day, so the uniqueness of each case is appreciated and well-handled.

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If you cannot find an answer

If you cannot find a solution to  yourLife Insurance needs, please call us on 01280 841430  – our team of experts are available to support you.

Every day. we handle unusual, complex, specialist and high value cases as well as finding cover for those who have serious medical conditions, are older or enjoy hazardous leisure pursuits.

Pulse Life Insurance Limits

Every case we see at Pulse Insurance tends to be somehow unique.

As a Coverholder at Lloyd’s, we have the trust and access to some of the most capable Life Insurance underwriters and we often talk face to face with them to find a solution.

Sum Assured

We are able to offer cover that goes beyond the limitations placed by many Life Insurers including Maximum Sums Assured generally £3 Million. However, in certain circumstances, such as where there are no or very slight medical impairments, we may be able to source a higher level of coverage.

Age Limits

We are able to offer policies with terms that extend beyond the common maximum ages in the mainstream market.

We have been able to offer policies that cover up to age 90 and in some cases beyond.

These policies and the premium affordability does depend on health and all policies much incept by the age of 84 years old

Duration (Short & Long)

  • Few insurers offer short term cover under 12 months
  • Pulse has provided cover for even a single day and often for weeks or months where necessary e.g. a special trip OR for executives in-between jobs
  • Longer terms Cover through Lloyd’s of London is limited to 10 years but much longer covers are available from our other insurers

Cover Types

Why have Life Insurance?

If a family loses one parent, the impact on their ongoing income can be devastating without adequate protection.

Loved one’s can be left facing mortgages and loans and funding everyday life itself, holidays, cars, education and so on for themselves and any children long term without a significant and sometimes only source of income.

Often, if there is a main earner, they might even be protected by a death in service cover provided by their company, but if their partner dies not them, their ability to work and earn as before and care for children may be jeopardised.

If they lose their job or have to change careers after an illness or accident, that death in service cover can vanish for good and mayn’t be replaced by the new employer or in self-employment.

Those who run their own business, especially those in partnerships where a few key people  drive the business, are especially vulnerable to complications for their loved one’s to resolve if they or one partner dies. Cover such as Relevant Life can provide financial security for the their family and for those who run companies their business.