About Pulse Insurance


Pulse Insurance specialise in Life Insurance and other covers, often for those who are declined by mainstream insurers.

We find cover for people who have serious medical conditions, work in hazardous occupations and/or in dangerous environments or who enjoy hazardous leisure pursuits.

Any of these factors can add risk and so make finding cover more difficult and sometime impossible.

We also help those who need insurance with high sums assured, residency outside their country of domicile, very short- or long-term duration cover and with specialised policies such as gift inter vivos, relevant life, high-risk group covers, voice insurance or a uniquely pre-underwritten HIV cover.

The expert team at Pulse offer you a friendly and professional and determined service.

If cover is available – we like to think that we will find it for you.

Who is Pulse Insurance?

Pulse is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and is a Coverholder at Lloyd’s.

Since 1998, Pulse has offered a trustworthy, experienced, resourceful service to intermediaries and individuals.

We talk to our policyholders or their advisers to understand their aims and challenges. Every enquiry is treated as bespoke, handled personally by our expert team and not just accepted or rejected by some anonymous computer system.

We communicate daily and directly with expert underwriters at Lloyd’s of London and outside Lloyd’s to ensure that the premium and the cover are suitable for you.

Our Directors

You can review these brief profiles of our Directors:

Our Team of Insurance Specialists

Our Life Insurance team have been helping people, who have been declined life insurance or the other covers they need, ever since 1998.

Across our team of insurance specialists, we average well over have over 12 years of insurance experience.

If we add a new team member, they are always coached and supported by an experienced expert until and they are comfortable they can deliver the Pulse level of service and knowledge.

Our Specialty and Sports & Leisure Teams boast a wealth of London Market insurance experience in dealing with complex corporate and individual risks.

Don’t give up

With a serious medical condition or in a hazardous job or a passion for more hazardous pursuits / sports, it can feel very important protect your loved one’s futures.

We like to think that thanks to our efforts, many don’t have to give up on finding the life insurance or other cover they need simply because mainstream life insurers decline.

We know it can be time-consuming and disheartening to be declined once and especially so to be declined many times.

So while we cannot guarantee everybody will be found cover, our team try to leave no stone unturned in our quest on your behalf.

Our bespoke approach to establish the basic facts and checking if cover may be available and at what cost before completing the formal regulated application. This process saves you time and angst.

As every case is handled by a human underwriter, we believe we can better look after you and your needs.

Insurance for those with higher risk – how does it work?

Why Pulse?

Pulse Insurance specialise in Insurance and other covers for those with higher risk. If you have serious medical conditions or need a high sum insured, this can make finding cover more difficult. Many insurers decline to quote for higher risk lives. Pulse Insurance offer you friendly and professional help to find the cover that is desired.

We are not able to find cover for cover every person who enquires, but we like to think that if cover is available, we will find it.

Can you cover me?

We know that getting and early idea if you can be covered and at what kind of premium cost is important. Inevitably, once one or more insurers have declined to cover you, you want clarity and reassurance that your efforts in applying again are not a waste of time. 

You can often to assess if cover may be possible by reviewing the information on this website. We provide details for many medical conditions, occupations, hazardous pastimes and more to help guide you.

It is true that not every individual can find cover and that the process may involve disclosing detailed medical information before cover will be issued.

How are Pulse different?

Many mainstream insurers may decline to quote for Life Insurance where a person has serious health issues which may affect their life expectancy. Some insurers may even try to exclude cover for these conditions! 

This can make it difficult, for the very people who fear they may not live as long, to provide the kind of peace of mind and financial safety net they want and their loved one’s need (if they are not there to provide for them).

Pulse try to find you cover without exclusions or with as few exclusions or limitations as possible.

How can I enquire?

Our policyholders tell us its is really important to explore the availability of cover and to get an idea of price quickly.

You can submit an initial enquiry online to us in a few minutes or give us a call if you are unsure or would like some support before making an enquiry.

We can usually give an indication of the availability and cost of cover within 3-5 days.

What about cover after treatment, surgery and recovery?

Often following an illness, surgery or treatment, life insurers will want to wait until things are proven to be very stable before being willing to offer. This can be months or often years of postponement. Pulse can usually find cover after a shorter waiting period, although there are some cases where we cannot.

Will you need medical reports?

If you have serious health issues or been declined by other insurers, then this is often the case.

It can be necessary for us to seek a Doctor’s report or for you to undergo medical examinations, blood tests and other tests. These aim to confirm your state of health and so allow our underwriters to quote a fair and accurate premium and confirm cover details.

If you have copies of a recent medical report or test results, these can be very useful.

For Life Insurance, if we require any new tests, these are paid for by the underwriter, if you take out the policy.

How can Pulse help when others can’t

The underwriters at every insurance company decide the kinds of lives they want to insure based on risk. The majority of insurers do not cover people beyond a certain level of risk whether that be driven by their medical health, a hazardous occupation or pastime.

Pulse work closely with specialist life Underwriters at Lloyd’s of London to arrange cover. The policy premium required may be higher, sometimes significantly higher for those with the most serious conditions, but fairly reflecting the increased risk.

If complete an enquiry, we will give an indication on whether cover will be available and offer a ball-park premium within 3-5 working days.

Can you really cover me and for how much?

Your circumstances will be individually assessed by a person (one or more of our specialist underwriters). We are able to offer an indication of cover and premium to over 80% of those who ask us after having been declined, often by most if not all other insurers.

We have have collated an array of example covers and premiums which we have placed below our descriptions of each type of cover. Your actual premium and the level of cover available will depend on your detailed situation.

Our awards

We are proud winners of several awards – find out more

Our track record runs since 1998.

We have never see a legitimate claim go unpaid on any policy we have arranged.

When the “computer says no”, Pulse will try to find a solution to your need for Life Insurance, Travel Insurance, Income replacement and Personal Accident insurance needs.


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