Breast Cancer Awareness Month October 2021

The death was announced in August if this year, of Professor Sir Patrick Forrest. It is fitting that he should have a full page obituary in the Times of Thursday 7th October, as October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Many women in the United Kingdom and further afield owe their lives to this remarkable and heroic individual. He was vital to the introduction of the NHS Breast Cancer screening Programme and fought hard to ensure that the recommendation that he made in 1996, for a national network of breast cancer screening be introduced, and then maintained and expanded.

Breast Cancer remains a commonly diagnosed cancer in women. But if it is diagnosed and treated early on it is very treatable. The importance of Sir Patrick’s work cannot be underestimated.

Here at Pulse, we provide Life Assurance and other insurance protection products for individuals who have been unable to obtain the cover they require from the standard market due to a wide variety of medical conditions, including Breast Cancer. We recognise the extraordinary advances that have been made in medical science and this enables us to offer our cover. Early diagnosis and prompt treatment make our task easier, and we may now provide cover quite quickly after treatment has concluded in such circumstances. At the other end of the scale, we may be able to provide cover for applicants whose treatment concluded say 10 years or so ago, with premiums that are comparable to those paid by an individual with a normal health history.

We cannot provide cover for every applicant who comes to us. Late diagnosis, late treatment and spread to lymph nodes will make our task more challenging, but it is always worth contacting us as there could be other options for indemnity such as Accidental Death cover in the event a full live coverage cannot be obtained.

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