The Jubilee 2022

The Jubilee

As we approach the celebrations for the Queen’s long reign and life many must have been struck by her recent photographs. She looks amazing, still has a dazzling smile and is still working!

How does she do it? And what is the secret of her longevity? What is the secret of longevity generally? Is it Genes, Diet, Exercise… Luck? No doubt it is a combination of all these factors.

There is so much published about healthy living these days but I guess the advice boils down ultimately to “moderation in all things“. One simple and I think sensible piece of advice I heard from a longevity expert was “eat less, take more exercise and sleep more!”

Longevity is naturally a subject that greatly interest all those involved in the business of life insurance. Much interesting data can be found in The Office for National Statistics paper on “Living longer; how our population is changing and why it matters”

This provides all sorts of fascinating insights into longevity:

Declining mortality rates mean higher life expectancies. A newborn male baby in the UK today can expect to live for 79.2 years and a girl to 82.9 years, with 22.6% of newborn boys and 28.3% of newborn girls projected to live to 100 years old. Life expectancy is projected to continue to increase, however, recent trends suggest this may be at a slower rate than in the past.

Looking 50 years ahead to 2066, life expectancy is projected to rise to 86.4 years for newborn baby boys and 88.9 years for newborn girls with 44.2% of baby boys and 50% of baby girls expected to live to age 100 years

So from an underwriting point of view we can now provide life cover for older age groups. The maximum expiry age we can write at Pulse at the moment is 86 but the mortality rates and cost of life insurance tend to be high at this age and can make the cost of cover difficult, particularly if there is a medical issue.

In the meantime we can marvel at the longevity and resilience of our Queen and will join the millions around the world who will celebrate and salute her life and achievements.


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