Life Insurance and Diabetes

Last week was the UK Diabetes Awareness week.

This has prompted me to reflect on how we at Pulse have been providing individuals with Life Insurance for Diabetes for so many years. Pulse specialises in providing Life Insurance for people who have been seeking cover from the standard market but whose application has been declined or postponed for a wide range of medical problems including Diabetes. It is frequently accompanied by other medical issues such as Obesity and High Blood Pressure. Provided we are given a summary of the diabetes and any accompanying medical conditions we can give a quick view on our ability to provide cover and its likely cost. The information can be given on Questionnaires that can be obtained from our website. More information about what is required in order to quote for life insurance can be found here.

A key development in the treatment of Diabetes took place 100 years ago. It was the creation and subsequent use of Insulin. Our post of January 13th 2022 relates the extraordinary story of this milestone event. New treatments are being developed all the time, which is great news but, in our experience, the single most important factor affecting our ability to provide cover is Control. If the condition is well controlled, we should be able to help. Diabetes Week 2022 celebrates the way in which individuals around the UK are “living with Diabetes, juggling the ups and downs”….”observing blood sugar levels, figuring out food labels and menus…..”. In short how they are controlling the condition.

It is interesting that the site refers to food and menus. One expert has referred to diabetes as “The processed food disease”. This is a subject to which we will return in a future Post. Diet is certainly one of the key elements of control.

We cannot offer terms to all who come to us; however, we will do our best to assist in all circumstances.

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