What do we need to know before we indicate for life insurance?

Many of Pulse Insurance’s specialist life insurance policies are for people with serious health conditions.  We try to keep the process as straightforward as possible but we recognise that affordability is an issue, so we always try to provide an initial indication before asking for reports and proposal forms.  Here is a quick overview of how things work:

In summary we will need the following details at initial referral stage:

  • Age
  • Smoking status
  • Place of residence
  • Sum assured: level or decreasing (if decreasing by what %)
  • Term
  • Summary of medical conditions and one of our detailed question sets completed where relevant for each condition.
  • Generally, we need to know:

o             Name of condition and date of diagnosis

o             What are / were the symptoms

o             How has the condition been treated

o             Is any future treatment or surgery planned

o             Date and outcome of most recent specialist review

o             Date of next planned review

  • If the client has any specialist / hospital reports, please feel free to submit as they may help with a more accurate quote

Please send all the above information to the Pulse New Business Team at [email protected].  We will prepare a quote on a very high-level basis and also list our underwriting requirements.

If the quote is of interest, the intermediary will need to arrange for the client to complete a proposal form and send it to Pulse ensuring the reference number given at quote stage is added.

Once we have received the Proposal form and we have a fuller overview of the client and their history, we will prepare a full, formal quote which the New Business team will send along with all the regulatory documents. If the client is happy with this then we will issue the medical evidence requests (GPR, Nurse Screen, bloods etc.).

Once all evidence has been received and assessed and signed off by our reinsurer’s CMO, we will prepare and issue final acceptance terms for the client’s review.

This is not an automated process, so it does take a bit longer than some other providers but it does ensure that each individual is treated as an individual.

For more information or to request a quote, please contact our team:

[email protected] or call 01280 841430.

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