Life Insurance and Obesity

Hunks, Chunks or Drunks! The Pandemic, it is suggested, is driving us to make one of these as our lifestyle choice!

In any event there is data to suggest that we are drinking and eating more because of Lockdowns and putting on weight. Now that restrictions are easing it will be interesting to see whether we will succeed in living more healthily.

Obesity Awareness Week ran from the 10th to the 16th January this year, following on from the usual Christmas excesses and time to coincide with a lot of people’s new year’s resolutions.

The upward trend in weight gain in adults and, alarmingly, children has been well publicised well before the pandemic.

One of the tasks of Pulse is to provide Life insurance for individuals who cannot get the cover they require from the standard market due to a medical condition. Obesity may not in itself prevent Cover being available. This will depend on the severity of the problem, measured as Body Mass Index (BMI). The standard market will become concerned as BMI approaches 50 and over that figure will be likely to decline. In contrast Pulse will consider applicants with a BMI of 60.

But Obesity is seldom a single issue for applicants. It is frequently accompanied by problems such as High Blood Pressure and or Diabetes (which we wrote about earlier in the month). The February 2020 Report of Public Health England on Obesity shows data that 88% of males and 84% of females with a BMI >30 have at least one other risk factor and for them obtaining Life Cover in the Standard Market is likely to be a challenge. Again Pulse is here to help applicants who are in these categories.

Obesity and related conditions are all potential comorbidities which can worsen Covid-19 infection, Pulse’s life policies all includecover for Covid.

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