No Tobacco Day; Sunday May 31st 2020

The WHO is launching a campaign designed to counter the Tobacco Industry’s attempts to encourage the younger generation to smoke.

That the WHO should be concerned over the effect on health caused by smoking is scarcely surprising. The damage it does is widely recognised. It has been said that Government campaigns worldwide, to discourage and stop people smoking has saved more lives than antibiotics!

In any event Life underwriters will all say the same thing; that to give up smoking is the single most important way of improving health and they will continue to rate lives accordingly. Typically, a smoker will pay double the premium of a non-smoker. And individuals who have a pre-existing medical condition are likely to pay more than double! If the medical condition is heart, respiratory or cancer related a decline is likely.

Underwriters continue to treat vaping as smoking, in fact we have written about e-cigarettes and Life Insurance previously. Although vaping is considered less harmful than smoking there are still concerns about the long-term effects. A recent study of blood vessel function in smokers and vapers found comparable stiffness in arteries and equal damage to cells that line blood vessels.

Underwriters commonly require applicants for life cover to have quit smoking for a year before that they can be rated as non-smokers.

Luckily Pulse can offer Accidental Death cover during either whilst you are waiting to be accepted for cover or for the period in which the Underwriters specify you must have stopped smoking.

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