Update on the availability of Life Cover during the Pandemic

The news today is dominated by concerns of a second wave of Coronavirus Disease (Covid 19) infections. As we covered back in March, we have continued to place life insurance throughout the pandemic.

But what about cover for those with previous medical conditions?

It is fair to say that many underwriters in the standard market will decline or postpone people who fall into that category. This can be particularly frustrating for people over the age of say 60, who have mild conditions or young people with moderate conditions.

Here at Pulse we specialise in filling in the gaps left by the standard market and we have been providing cover, since the pandemic began, for people with a wide range of medical conditions. These have included Cystic Fibrosis, high BMI (height /weight issues), heart problems, and coronary artery disease.

Obtaining any medical evidence, we require has not been a problem to date but it is possible that local lockdowns could create local difficulties arranging nurse screening. It is encouraging, however, that so far, we have managed to find solutions to problems.

The Pulse message remains the same; whilst we cannot help everybody who contacts us, we do our very best to provide cover in every case that comes to us. One option is to take out an Accidental Death policy as an interim cover.

Should you or your client require a quote please contact our team on:

01280 841 430 or [email protected]