Coronavirus and Life Assurance

It has become more difficult to obtain Life Assurance in the recent past. This is particularly so where GP reports are required. The work load of GP’s is obviously significant just now and the production of medical reports for the life assurance industry will not be a top priority in the weeks to come.

Pulse are therefore pleased to be able to offer Accidental Death Cover as a stop gap solution while medical evidence is being obtained. The cover can be put in place quickly. We can offer significant Sums Assured for a six month term or annually.

We can provide a benefit of up to 7 times annual salary and can insure a wide range of occupations from clerical work to oil and gas and war risks. Alternatively, where life cover is being arranged to protect against inheritance tax liabilities, to cover a mortgage, or to safeguard a financial investment in a business then we can usually provide cover in full: the key requirement is that there is a proper financial justification for the amount of cover being sought.

This cover may also be a useful alternative to full Life cover should obtaining life cover be difficult due to pre existing medical conditions.

There are interesting developments taking place which include enabling medical evidence to be obtained through remote, digital video assessments in place of face to face nurse screening. Pulse believes that this type of development could be extremely useful.

However, in the short term a short term AD only cover can bridge the gap until medical information can be provided to Life underwriters.

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