Nordic Walking Booms!

STB Insurance Brokers are pleased to be supporting one of their team, Kaz Hopes, who is also a qualified Nordic walking instructor.

As people look for healthy ways to exercise, Nordic walking is increasingly popular.

Kaz said, “I’ve started back teaching my Nordic walking classes and in the last 6 weeks I’ve picked up a lot more enquiries and taught several beginners how to Nordic walk.

They’ve all said that over lockdown they have ‘put on the pounds’. And they see Nordic walking as being healthier than being inside in a gym.  Nordic walking is all outside in the fresh air and you can easily social distance.”

Why not have a go, it works off 45% more calories than walking without poles. The use of the specially designed Nordic poles will help improve your upper body strength whilst toning the backs of the arms (those awkward areas) and will help to improve posture.

You can contact Kaz at Nordic in the Park [email protected]

Kaz Hopes is a British Nordic Walking qualified instructor based in Norfolk.