Know Your Numbers.

“Know Your Numbers!” takes place every September. It raises awareness about the problems of High Blood Pressure (HBP) and encourages all UK adults to get their blood pressure checked regularly.

A G.P. friend of mine has commented to me that he had noted, in his practice, a decline in death from sudden and unexpected heart attacks. He attributed this to the way in which people have their Blood Pressure taken as a matter of course during check-ups. If he hasn’t seen a patient for some time, he will take their Blood Pressure, whatever the reason for the visit.

Taking Blood Pressure regularly reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes as HBP can be controlled very effectively by drugs that are now available. The availability of home testing kits has made it simple for individuals to monitor their blood pressure at home. This can bring improvements in early diagnosis and allow individuals to take corrective steps sooner rather than later. This is particularly relevant during the pandemic as face to face consultation has not always been available.

But it is often associated with other medical problems, particularly Height /Weight issues and Diabetes.

Here at Pulse we have been able to offer Life Assurance to individuals with a BMI of 60. This, depending on height, can equate to a weight of well in excess of 20 stone.

High Blood Pressure, on its own, is usually not a reason for declining cover. But if it is associated not only with Height/Weight issues but also Diabetes and or other medical conditions it can become more challenging to offer cover. The examples below however illustrate how we have been successful in providing insurance in challenging cases.

Male 76

Cancer, Heart condition & HBP

SA £64k, 15 yr term, Premium £482pcm

Male 38

Kidney Disease, HBP

SA £130k, 20 yr term, £47pcm

Female 39

Depression, HBP

£200k, 27 yr, £41pcm

Male 57

Diabetes, HBP

£250k, 10 yr, £299pcm

Female 41

Heart Condition, HBP

£180k, 23 yr £22pcm

Male 36

Anxiety, HBP & Cholesterol

£198k, 30yr, £22pcm

We cannot help everyone who comes to us seeking Life Assurance. And sometime we can’t provide all the Cover required but we will offer as much as we can and  we will do our very best to help everyone who contacts us. Many will already have been declined by the standard market. That is not a problem to us. Pulse specialises in assisting where the standard market cannot help.

For more information please contact our team on 01280 841430 or [email protected]