World Diabetes Day 14th November 2020

The theme for World Diabetes Day this year is “The Nurse and Diabetes”. The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness around the crucial role that nurses play in supporting people living with diabetes.

The role of Nurses is well understood, appreciated and valued by Pulse. If we are to be able to offer terms for Life Cover for individuals affected by Diabetes a key consideration is the quality of control. And this is linked to the vitally important work done by nurses. With good control the possibility of offering terms is greatly increased.

In a recent post we described how Pulse is able to offer Life Assurance covering a wide range of medical conditions. What surprises people is that we are providing cover including Covid. The cover we provide in relation to Diabetes is the same. It will include Covid. But, as has been well publicised, Diabetes increases risk and we cannot offer terms to everyone who contacts us. And it is worth reiterating that patients should not be put off attending routine appointments/reviews or contacting their doctor if there is a complication. Covid 19 means that good control and early intervention with complications are hugely important with long term diabetes prognosis.

The pandemic has made face to face screenings difficult. The Life Assurance industry has responded swiftly with the development of Remote Screenings. These will never replace face to face screenings but they have been a great asset and the feed back from clients has been positive.

Pulse deals with every case on a bespoke basis. There are no standard rates. Diabetes is a condition that varies and our terms will vary accordingly.

Below are some cases that have recently gone on risk;

Male aged 65

Diabetes, HBP, Heart Attack

Sum Assured £80,000

Term 5 years

Premium £88 pcm


Male aged 35

Diabetes only

Sum Assured £175,000

Term 10 years

Premium £78 pcm


Male aged 49

Diabetes only

Sum Assured £183,000

Term 21 years

Premium £59 pcm


For more information or to request a quote please contact our team: [email protected]