Pulse continues to underwrite Life Assurance that includes Covid19.

The fact that continues to surprise our clients is that we continue to do so even where there are pre-existing medical conditions affecting the applicant. We have previously written about this topic and since then have bound a number of risks even during these difficult times.

The range of cases we have put on risk in the last three months is astonishing. The medical conditions have included Prostate cancerLupusHigh BMI and Diabetes, Heart Arrhythmia, a Congenital Heart condition that had been corrected by surgery and a Kidney Transplant case. All these cases include Covid 19.

It is notable that we have provided cover not just in single issue medical cases but also where there are multiple problems affecting the applicant, high BMI and diabetes being a commonplace combination problem today.

Conventional underwriters from the standard market are retreating from providing cover in such cases, either by postponing or declining them. But Pulse will look at them and where possible offer terms.

Some underwriters are declining on the grounds of age. Whilst Pulse has been able to provide cover for applicants over the age of 60 the rating will start to affect affordability. The older the applicant the greater the underlying mortality rate.

The work we do is not a ‘tick box’ exercise. A highly specialist underwriter is required to look at each case individually. Sometimes the underwriter will have to confer with a Chief Medical Officer. So it may take a few days before we can give a decision as to whether or not a case can be underwritten and, if so, give an indication of premium. So please bear with us if we appear to be taking our time with your inquiry. Whilst we cannot, of course, offer cover in all the cases that come to us we will do our very best to help.

Should you or your client require a quote please contact our team on:

01280 841 430 or [email protected]