Urology Awareness Month

September 2021 is Urology Awareness month.

The key message from the Urology Foundation who are supporting the September campaign is general public awareness. They have developed several excellent information leaflets and posters. This type of publicity is so important from the point of view of a Life underwriter as it encourages clients to be more aware of potential life-threatening conditions and seek early medical attention which will make any application more insurable.

At Pulse we have provided cover for clients with a history of

  • Prostate problems / cancer,
  • kidney disease, including transplant,
  • testicular cancers

We posted an article in March of this year concerning Prostate Cancer. This highlighted the encouraging news concerning the improvement in early diagnosis which has led to a significant decline in mortality.

The medical conditions associated with urological problems are varied but the theme of early detection is common to successful treatment and makes the availability of Life Insurance easier.

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