Life Insurance and Long Covid

Latest reports on Covid infection rates give reason to be cautiously optimistic. But Long Covid remains a challenge.

Thankfully the majority of covid patients make a full recovery from the virus but unfortunately there are those who feel the impact for a significant amount of time with the symptoms lingering for weeks or months beyond infection. According to experts between 10 – 30% of people who catch the virus can be affected by long covid to differing degrees.

There are websites which offer support and information such as:



Age UK

Access to life insurance cover may be problematic at this time for life insurance applicants with Long Covid. However, terms may be available depending on the nature and severity of the ongoing long-covid symptoms. Conditions including cardiac or respiratory problems make the provision of life cover more challenging. But here, at Pulse, we are pleased to treat each potential customer as an individual and review the symptoms and medical history on a case-by-case basis as we understand that long-covid symptoms are wide ranging and diverse and cannot be slotted into one box. Wherever possible we will offer terms. The term will be limited to 10 years. Hopefully well within that time frame treatments and measures to prevent the development on Long Covid will have made good progress. The Times recently carried an encouraging article about the use, by German doctors, of an experimental heart drug to cure Long Covid.

Whilst we cannot provide cover for every applicant that contacts us we will always do our very best to help.

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