March the Month

Prostate Cancer UK has designated March 2021 as March the Month, encouraging people to raise money for prostate cancer research by hitting 11,000 steps a day. The funds raised are badly needed as over 11,000 males lose their lives to prostate cancer every year.

However, behind these figures and the sad stories that accompany them there is good news. Prostate cancer survival rates are improving as a result of raising awareness, early detection and PSA screening. In the last decade in the UK, prostate mortality rates have declined by 10%.

Underwriters take these factors into account and better rates may now be achievable in these cases.

Image credit: Neil Pollock/MDD

Detection is so important. It is extraordinary to learn that dogs may hold the key to the development of accurate and non-invasive methods of discovery of different forms of the cancer! New research from a multi-national, cross disciplinary team of scientists from Medical Detection Dogs (MDD) at Milton Keynes in the U.K. and The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Massachusetts in the USA, have scientifically validated the accuracy of a dog’s nose in detection! Both researchers and dogs were double blinded in a controlled study, of samples from cancer patients versus healthy patients. You can find more information on this fascinating story here.

We cannot offer everyone all the cover they require but we do our best to help in as many cases as we possibly can.

We have found that we have been able to assist with early-stage prostate cancers. But as a general rule we look for Cancer patients to be in remission/treatment completed.

Pulse can also consider Life Assurance for individuals with many other types of cancer such as bladder cancer, blood cancers, brain cancers and others.

Our teams can also provide Accidental Death insurance where life insurance may not be available or subject to a waiting period as well as travel insurance for business or leisure trips.

To find out if cover may be available please contact us on:

[email protected] or call the team on 01280 841430.

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