Pulse Specialty Lines

Pulse Specialty Lines

As well as Corporate Travel, Personal Accident, Illness and Kidnap and Ransom we can also assist your clients with a number of other niche products and services.

We can consider all Contingency risks including Event Cancellation, Event Liability (selected Territories and event types), Non Appearance, Prize risks including Hole in One etc, Prize draws, Charity Lotteries, Ticket Refunds and Film and TV and promotional risks. Coverage can include terrorism, national mourning (with limitations), revocation of licences (in limited circumstances), and other political violence events

Weather Risks can be adapted for many purposes, so if you have a particular requirement let us know and we’ll see if it is insurable. Cover is available for larger events but is especially suited to small events. We can design a bespoke product to suit your needs. For instance, a trigger could be chosen where, for example, 1cm of rain falls in a specified time period before the event leading to a reduced attendance. This product protects the event organisers’ revenue and can also be adapted to suit other industries.

Our ticket refund product is insurance backed and is more comprehensive that the typical offering on the market, the product can be adapted to cover sports and leisure registrations and potentially even gym or association memberships allowing the Insured to offer a refundable option to the consumer. There is a sister product which provides a cost neutral event cancellation option to the event organiser.

Other products offered are Deadly Weapons Protection, Loss of Attraction and Crisis Management

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and are happy to consider any risk and will work with you and the market to design something to suit your client’s needs.

For more information please contact:

Yvonne Marriott
Senior Broker
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