National Fitness Day: 23rd September 2020

The purpose of National Fitness Day is to emphasise the importance of physical activity for everyone whether young or old. It also emphasises the dangers of physical inactivity, which Huw Edwards, CEO of ukactive, describes as the fourth biggest killer in our society.

It also stresses the link between physical activity and good mental health, and strong mental attitude. This is so important just now.

It links the habit of regular physical activity and a long and healthy life.

The latter point is of particular interest to Life Insurers! Some underwriters are beginning to take it into account when pricing Life Cover and offer discounts on premiums where an individual can demonstrate that they have taken a certain number of steps per day.

It has been challenging, during Lockdown and current restrictions to take as much exercise as we would like. But Captain Sir Tom Moore has set an example to us all! The National Fitness Day website includes activities and exercises that can be completed at home.

Many of our employees are enthusiastically involved in various sports and activities, including Kaz Hopes in our Norwich office who teaches Nordic Walking classes.

Our Norwich team can also provide liability and professional indemnity covers for sports coaches and associations and recently launched a new facility.

However much care we take of ourselves accidents and illnesses can be unavoidable and may effect individual’s ability to obtain life cover. Should you need assistance please contact our helpful team on 01280 841430 or [email protected]