Know Your Numbers Week; Raising Awareness concerning High Blood Pressure

Know your Numbers week runs from 6th -12th September 2021. It is designed to raise awareness of High Blood Pressure (HBP), a condition that is referred to as “The Silent Killer”. So many people in this country are unaware of their Blood Pressure numbers.  In this year’s campaign Blood Pressure UK are emphasising the effective and inexpensive way in which Home Testing Kits can be used to enable individuals to keep Blood Pressure under control. During the pandemic this is of particular importance as it can help reduce pressure on the NHS, GP surgeries and their staff.

The Times published an excellent article on Tuesday of this week. It draws attention to the estimated 6 million people who are unaware of their numbers, and stresses that untreated HBP is a major risk factor for strokes, heart attacks and kidney failure.

As with so many medical conditions diagnosis and control of HBP are key.

Here at Pulse we can offer Life Assurance to individuals with HBP and related problems, including Diabetes, Strokes and Heart issues. Here at Pulse we take pride in doing our best to help everyone who comes to us for Life Assurance. Our task is made easier in cases where HBP is an issue if the Applicant can demonstrate good control of the condition.

Whilst we cannot provide cover for every applicant that contacts us we will always do our very best to help.

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