Diabetes Awareness Week

Diabetes Awareness Week runs from the 14th to the 20th June. Pulse has a reputation for helping Life Assurance Applicants get the cover they require when the standard market is unable to do so. Throughout the pandemic Pulse has continued to provide cover for applicants with a wide range of medical problems. And when we do provide cover, it includes Covid!

As you can probably guess clients with diabetes form a significant proportion of enquiries particularly with combinations of other medical problems such as coronary artery disease and high BMI. We generally do manage to provide terms for most of these clients although the cost of the cover once we take into account the individual’s medical history can make the cover expensive and for some applicants unaffordable. In the latter instances, we will work with the client to come up with alternative formats of the cover (for example, reduced sum assured or term) to make the cover achievable.

Diabetes, per se, is unlikely to cause a premature death. It is the complications that arise from diabetes if the blood sugar levels are not controlled which cause the increased risk. Control is key!

Photo Credit: DRWF.org.uk

One of the newer ways of keeping tabs on blood sugar levels is through devices such as Continuous Glucose Monitoring which can operate with or without an insulin pump and more recently Flash Glucose Monitoring. These devices lead to a more rounded method of dealing with blood sugar control particularly when used alongside insulin pumps.

We have found that during the pandemic the company market were declining any client who were in the NHS higher risk group or above. We have been able to step in and provide cover for these vulnerable clients.

We have provided cover for diabetic applicants without complications. But it is frequently a condition accompanied by other medical issues, weight problems being commonplace. We have provided cover where BMI exceeded 45.

Whilst we cannot provide cover for every applicant that contacts us we will always do our very best to help.

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