Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

April 2021 is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month.

Every 15 minutes somebody is diagnosed with bowel cancer in the UK, it remains a problem that doesn’t receive the attention it deserves. It can affect anybody regardless of age or background. But the good news is that it is treatable and survival rates are good with early diagnosis.


Sadly Covid-19 has affected bowel cancer services and the number of people referred, diagnosed, and treated has declined during the pandemic. It is to be hoped that the success of the Covid vaccination programme will, in time, put this right.

Awareness Days, increased public understanding of the condition and screening programmes have led to a decrease in the over 50’s. That is very positive but there is a negative to report. Bowel Cancer rates are rising in young adults. The condition is rare in under 50’s but it is important to discover why the rate should be increasing in that age group, it is currently being researched and hopefully the data collected will help to improve screening and treatment for under 50’s.

Pulse specialises in arranging Life Insurance for individuals with medical conditions, including bowel cancer. They may have been declined or postponed cover by the standard market. Whilst we cannot help everyone who comes to us we will do our very best to help and it’s always worth contacting us:

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When we can provide the life Insurance required it will include Covid-19.

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