Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week 2021

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Awareness Week ran from 19th -26th April 2021. It raises the profile of a neurological condition that results from the immune system not functioning properly. It is not curable but today there are more therapies available and in development to manage the three types of condition than ever before. These are designed to reduce the number and severity of attacks and to slow down disease activity.

According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS), the majority of those who have MS will experience a relatively normal life span. On average, most will live about seven years less than average. So, it is not a fatal disease but, depending on severity, can impact the quality of life.

Here at Pulse, we specialise in arranging Life cover for people who cannot get the required cover from the standard market, due to a wide range of medical conditions including MS.

Everything we do is on a bespoke basis. We do not have standard rates and this is particularly relevant from the point of view of underwriting MS because the way in which the condition develops varies considerably from individual to individual.

Pulse specialises in arranging Life Insurance for individuals with medical conditions, including bowel cancer. They may have been declined or postponed cover by the standard market. Whilst we cannot help everyone who comes to us we will do our very best to help and it’s always worth contacting us:

[email protected] or call 01280 841430.

When we can provide the life Insurance required it will include Covid-19.

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