Mental Health Awareness Week 10th -16th May 2021

May 10th-16th is Mental Health Awareness Week in 2021. The media has been giving the subject very full coverage of late in any event. There is no doubt that the general level of anxiety has been increased in the population at large because of the pandemic, lockdowns and large amounts of negativity on social and traditional media.

It is not surprising that individuals with pre-existing medical conditions should feel greater concern than normal. Will my medical condition make me more vulnerable to Covid, to catching it or being unable to cope with it if I do catch it? Will the medication I am on make me more vulnerable to Covid 19 and  less able to cope with it if I do? These are very understandable concerns, particularly to those whose auto immune systems are affected by their illness.

We have seen an increased level of disclosure by Applicants concerning Anxiety and Depression associated with these concerns. They also talk about their worries about gaining access to medical care and medication. Generally, in these instances, the mental health risk has not been significant enough to warrant additional premium loadings.

We have not seen an increased demand for cover from those with mental health issues. We continue to provide cover for a wide range of mental health issues as discussed in our post from last year. And where we can provide cover, it will include Covid

We are keen to provide a non-judgemental, practical, and realistic assessment of these types of risk. We make sure we look at the full picture to reach an end decision which is fair to the client.

Coming out of the Covid pandemic there is still an excess of individuals who are continuing to struggle with their mental health although we hope this will reduce as covid restrictions reduce.

In common with the general life market, we will have a suicide exclusion written into our policies, but this is limited to one year.

There is a report in the Times today concerning “push back “from doctors and patient groups over the NHS plans to continue to use online and telephone meetings as a screening/triage ahead of face-to-face appointments. However, on a positive note, some medical practitioners have observed that where they are using tele interviewing their patients are opening up about problems over and above those of immediate concern and they will talk about their mental health problems which can then be treated.

Whilst we cannot provide Life Assurance in all circumstances, Accidental Death cover can provide some protection whilst you go through the life underwriting process.

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