Happy Christmas from all of us at Pulse

None of us is getting any younger and while that is not always something we want to shout about, the fact that 2023 marked Pulse’s 25th anniversary was definitely something that we wanted to celebrate.

Hopefully, you will have had a chance to see the fantastic video that we put together high lighting a few of the initiatives that are currently under way.  There isn’t time here to go over all of them here but some of the key areas we have been working on include a brand new life insurance facility for individuals with serious health conditions, expanded capabilities for our already market leading PA and group travel facility, new underwriting authorities for entertainment, travel and healthcare, significantly enhanced on-line capabilities and a whole suite of B2B2C products developed initially for our Sports & Leisure team and ready to launch in the New Year as well as a ground-breaking health product.

We continue to focus on insuring people not property and we believe we are now the leading boutique specialty underwriting business focussing on people not property or things.

To put it another way, we are happy to insure Santa wherever he’s travelling to, to cover him if he slips when delivering presents, ensure the show really can go on if things have to be cancelled, if there are fireworks they can be covered too as well as the angel choir’s performance but we don’t insure the toy factory or the possible damage to the sleigh!  If Santa’s BMI means he can’t get life cover elsewhere, then we would definitely cover him for that, and the fact that he is possibly based overseas is not an issue for us (we have an office in Belgium that allows us to cover Lapland!).  We are also happy to cover all the elves in Santa’s grotto and provide then with a group holiday insurance when they have to travel sourcing gifts.

All good fun but it just goes to show how broad the range of cover we offer is.  We believe wholeheartedly that relationships are the key to what we do and the only reason we have been able to grow so much over the past few years is because of the fantastic support that you, brokers, advisors, wealth managers, benefits consultants, family offices, insurance professionals and our supporters give us.  Thank you for your support in 2023, for the 25 years before that and hopefully for at least the next 25 years to come.

Happy Christmas to you all

From everyone at Pulse Insurance
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