Fixated Threat cover for Media and Entertainment Clients

Social media has become an invaluable tool for celebrities, creators, and sportspeople to promote their personal brands, share content and create revenue streams. Tools such as TikTok and Youtube have allowed a new generation of stars to create huge followings from their homes and are increasingly taking market share from traditional media.

Alongside these innovations in technology comes new risks for individuals using them. The Government’s Online Safety Bill is currently going through committee in the House of Lords and will eventually bring in new protections for children and adults online.

Our capacity provider, Travelers, has partnered with their exclusive response team, SPS & Theseus Risk Management, experts in the field of threat management, to address this gap in the Crisis Management insurance policy market.

They have developed a Fixated Threat product which is designed to respond to personal security threats and provide our clients with immediate access to experts when an incident occurs.

Insured Events

Blackmail, Cyberstalking, Mysterious Disappearance (Investigation Services), Extortion, Stalking (Support Services) and Threat (Assessment Services)

Insured Losses

Response Fees Unlimited

Additional Expenses Salaries, public relations costs, temporary security expenses, medical expenses and many more.

Acting, sporting, presenting or performing – high profile individuals often attract unwanted attention, abuse or threat because of who they are, what they do or what they represent:

  • 85% of problematic or intrusive individuals were unknown to the client – strangers & fans
  • 42% displayed approach behaviour – trying to get to the client either at home or work
  • 40% of all cases in talent management sector involved evidence of serious mental illness
  • The most common motivation of those targeting the talent sector was ‘Relationship seeking’

Stats from Theseus

For more information, or to request a quote, please contact:

Ben Pailthorpe
Head of Entertainment & Special Risks
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07572 397849