Business Travel Insurance including Covid Cover

Whilst international travel has been seriously curtailed due to the ongoing pandemic, people are still travelling for business purposes. Whether it is a film shoot, NGOs and charities providing aid or the installation of hardware in a server room, there are many jobs that just cannot be completed via a video call.

As such, it is key for companies to be able to source comprehensive travel insurance cover including Covid-19 risks, to ensure they meet their obligations to protect employees.

Our Protect+ business travel covers have some of the best Covid-19 cover available, including cover for medical expenses should a traveller require hospitalisation as a result of Covid-19, Emergency Travel and Repatriation expenses and Cancellation cover should a traveller receive a positive test which necessitates cancellation of a trip.

Emergency medical assistance is provided by Healix International and policyholders will have access to their Travel Oracle app. The Healix Travel Oracle App is your ultimate travel safety companion. Developed by leading security and medical experts, it provides you with the most up to date travel information and advice and the latest Covid-19 travel regulations.

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