A Farewell and a Bonjour

We had a wonderful party last night in Brackley to bid farewell to Livi Williams, who has worked for Pulse Insurance for eighteen years! So it was, in part, a sad occasion. On the other hand, we had a great time reminiscing about Livi’s time with the company. She has seen it develop from a very small operation run out of the home of a director, when she was one of three employees, to a company with twenty-seven full and part time employees today with offices in Brackley, Brussels, Norwich and London.

Some of the work Livi did was to help us to build relationships with Irish Brokers and Financial Advisors. She greatly enjoyed this aspect of her work. Brexit has, of course interrupted the service we were able to provide for customers requiring life insurance in Ireland, but we are working on a solution to this problem and hope shortly to resume working with the Irish connections that Livi helped establish.

In the meantime, Pulse Europe, can provide Personal Accident, Travel and K&R covers for clients domiciled in the EU.

Paul Sandilands, Pulse’s former Chairman has known Livi longer than anyone: “Looking round the roomful of colleagues last night I reflected on what a great and interesting team we have and how insurance is still, above all else, a people business.  At Pulse we are lucky to have been able to keep a great team of people together for so many years.”

Pulse’s latest full-time recruit, Annabel Lovell lived and was educated for part of her life in France. Her qualifications include the baccalaureate. When she moved back to the UK she obtained a degree in law. This means that Pulse now includes three members of staff with law degrees and two fluent French speakers. A further member speaks Italian and we have a smattering of German and Spanish knowledge too. So, we look forward to the time when we can do more business in Europe!

In the meantime, last night, Pulse was able to acknowledge and thank Livi for her great contribution the company and its considerable development over the years she has been with us! Thank you Livi!