World Hepatitis Day

Every Year World Hepatitis Day is marked on the 28thJuly. It is designed to raise awareness of this “silent killer”.

Unfortunately, this illness has come back into headlines in the recent past. There is a new and unexplained outbreak of acute infections among children, possibly connected to Covid.

But, in any event, it is still a significant problem as evidenced in world health statistics. For instance it is estimated that it is responsible for the deaths of 125,000 people every year, in Africa alone, this despite the development of effective treatments. The theme of this years Awareness Day is to highlight the need to bring Hepatitis care closer to primary health care facilities and their communities, to ensure better access to care and treatment.

Pulse has developed a reputation for providing Life cover and other insurance protection to individuals who cannot get the cover required from the standard market due to an ever increasing range of illness, including Hepatitis. It is the advances in medical science that enables Pulse to provide cover. We reported on some of these significant advances in the treatment of Hepatitis and how they continue to evolve in our post from July 2020. As our specialist Life underwriter remarked in that article “the use of Fibroscans and general development of increasingly effective therapies, have improved the chances of Life Assurance being available. We cannot offer cover in all the cases that come to us, but we are able to do so in increased numbers”. This continues to be the case.

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