World Hepatitis Day (WHD) 2021

One of the key messages from World Hepatitis Day is to celebrate the progress in treating and to meet the current challenges of viral hepatitis as well as to raise awareness – the overlying theme is “Hepatitis can’t wait” for action and immediate steps are needed to improve the lives of millions who are affected.

Although Hepatitis remains an illness that affects far too many, there is good news in all the work that is being developed to treat and prevent the disease.

For instance, in June 2021 at the International Liver Congress claims were made that the results from the trial of “RNAi therapeutic drug VIR-2218 are an encouraging example that a cure is possible sooner than later with potential real-world implications for the 300 million people living with the disease.”

From an underwriting point of view the improvements in and availability of anti-viral treatments has, in a significant number of cases, made the condition insurable from a life insurance angle. The assessment of the condition is aided with the use of non-invasive investigations such as the fibroscan which provides the underwriter with concise and useful information about the long term prognosis.

Whilst we cannot provide cover for every applicant that contacts us we will always do our very best to help.

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