Unoccupied Property Insurance

UPI are pleased to announce that the unoccupied property web site has been upgraded and we are now able to offer bespoke quotes to all our customers.

Benefits of new product:

  • No more fixed rates, costs are tailored to each property
  • Cover available for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months
  • Refunds available on 9 & 12 month polices
  • Three levels of voluntary excess
  • Quotes based on statement of fact – no more lengthy questionnaires
  • We can now place most non-standard risks
  • Quicker turn around times
  • Phone support for urgent cases
  • Direct debit payment facility available

Many home insurance policies do not provide cover for properties which become unoccupied and, even if they do, the maximum period would normally be only 30 days.

Whatever the reason for a property becoming unoccupied, you will usually find that UPI has a suitable insurance solution. Whilst it is expected that regular inspections of the property are undertaken and for it to be kept in a good state of repair, we are can offer a range of flexible solutions to cater for most needs.

What risks are suitable?

  • Properties awaiting sale
  • Pending probate settlement
  • Properties undergoing structural renovation
  • Properties where minimum security is not in place
  • Contents cover available
  • Flexible 30-day visitation requirement
  • Buildings cover available on individual flats

Please visit or call 01603 626904 for more information.