Personal Accident and Illness Cover

Many Corporate & Individual clients already know the security and benefit of Group or Individual Personal Accident covers. In addition to just the Personal Accident covers, Pulse Specialty are at the forefront of offering Illness benefits that can be invaluable to many businesses and sole traders.

Over recent times the number of insurers offering cover for Illness Benefits has reduced substantially.

Therefore, in addition to the Personal Accident coverage, businesses can cover all their staff and indemnify themselves for the cost of weekly wages should an employee be Temporarily Totally Disabled from their Usual Occupation by Illness and individuals can also protect themselves from the same risks.

For business, the benefit can be used to cover sick pay or to hire a temporary replacement staff, whereas individuals can benefit from knowing their income will be protected in the event they suffer an accident or illness and cannot continue their usual occupation for a period of time.

Both Group and Individual policies can include cover for Accidental Death and Disablement.

These lump sum benefits are paid in the event of an Accident, in the event of death, or Disablement following both Accident or Illness and can support the insured persons family or business through an undoubtedly difficult time.

Some examples where cover would be beneficial include:

  • A self-employed tradesman suffering an injury and subsequently being unable to work for several months.
  • A key employee at a small business diagnosed with a long-term illness meaning they are unable to work for a year.
  • A professional dancer suffering an injury or illness which results in paralysis.

The illness benefit will also include cover for Covid 19, albeit with a slightly longer excess period.

The client’s specific needs are always at the forefront of what we do – with the flexibility and the ability to tailor policies to meet their unique requirements under our comprehensive Binding Authorities with market leading insurers.

Quotations are usually provided within 24 hours of receipt of the relevant underwriting information, without the necessity of re-keying in a specific format. If you already have a presentation prepared, it can be sent to us in its existing layout.

  • We cover a range of benefits including both fixed and multiple of salary, with the continental scale of benefits usually included as standard.
  • Flexible benefit periods and excesses are available.

Our group policies also include a number of special extensions including: Bereavement Counselling, Coma Benefit, Dependents Benefits, Disability Assistance, Facial Disfigurement, Fracture Benefits, Funeral Expenses, Hospitalisation Benefits, Prosthesis cover, Relocation Expenses, Retraining Expenses and others.

For more information, or to request a quote please contact:

Joe Balsom

Head of Specialty

[email protected]

07846 594798

Ben Pailthorpe

Senior Underwriter

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