Paul Sandilands interviews Matthew Fort

Paul Sandilands talks to Matthew Fort about his new Podcast: “Forts on Food”.
Paul says:

“Matthew Fort is well known through his television appearances on The Great British Menu and other TV and radio programmes. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to his Podcast, a series of conversations between Matt and his daughter Lois.

Please visit Matt and Lois’ illuminating podcast by clicking the link below:

They cover a wide range of topics all related to a favourite subject for most of us – food! In the podcast Matt and Lois provide interesting, entertaining and thought-provoking insights into this subject. My favourite episode is the one on what makes a great restaurant! But he deals with some serious aspects of food including diets. Matt talks about the two aspects of diet; what we all eat in the daily course of our lives and diets as in sense of carefully constructed regimes designed to help people lose weight.

Matt does not represent himself as a medical expert on diets. There are experts such as  Slimming World who are qualified to provide such help in the latter sense but he provides interesting thoughts on the subject. Pulse has a reputation for dealing sympathetically with individuals who cannot obtain the Life Insurance they require due to obesity. We will provide cover in many cases where the standard market has declined or postponed the cover required.