Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month 2021

The purpose of Ovarian Cancer Awareness month is “let’s end inequalities”, in the treatment of Ovarian Cancer. By doing so the U.K. may improve its poor position in the comparison of survival rates in European countries which is illustrated below;

Credit: Cancer Research UK

Ovarian Cancer Action is highlighting the inequalities that thousands of women with ovarian cancer face to ensure women receive the best care regardless of age, location or ethnicity. It is driven to reach a world where no woman dies of ovarian cancer. The first of a series of reports highlights, in particular, the inequalities facing women in their 70’s many of whom are not receiving the standard of care necessary to survive ovarian cancer.

Ovarian Cancer Action has announced that it “has secured over £1 million of funding from the UK Government Tampon Tax Fund, to tackle systemic and regional health inequalities for women with ovarian cancer.

Anecdotally, we have known for a long time that access to the best quality ovarian cancer treatment, care, and therefore chance of survival is dependent on ethnicity, age, and where a woman lives. Some communities are further disadvantaged due to language and cultural barriers that impact their diagnosis, treatment and clinical care. Our recent Ovarian Cancer Audit Feasibility Pilot provided solid evidence around some of these factors across England. Covid-19 has only heightened the disparities and it is a matter of urgency that we close the gaps across all four nations and in particular, ensure that the most isolated and disadvantaged get equal access to clinical care.

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