New Leisure Travel Facility

Pulse are happy to announce the launch of a new online leisure travel product in partnership with Policy Direct.

Cover is available for individuals living anywhere in the European Union with options for an annual policy, single trips or long stays up to 18 months in duration.

Additionally, cover can be provided for cruises, sports equipment, wedding gifts and rings and sports including bungee jumping, heli skiing, football, rugby, competitive cycling and horse riding.

Medical conditions that have not required treatment within the last twelve months or are treated with continuing regular medication taken at home and require no more than two routine check ups a year do not need to be referred for medical screening.

Conditions that have required treatment in the past twelve months, including cancer and heart issues can be covered subject to satisfactory medical screening and additional terms.

Joe Balsom, Senior Underwriter at Pulse said ‘Having quality travel insurance allows you to enjoy your holiday without worrying about what you will do should the worst happen. This product provides exceptional cover with the ability to include a number of unusual sports and leisure activities.’

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