Heart Awareness Month 2023

February is Heart Awareness Month.

Charities such as Heart UK use February to raise awareness of the importance of a healthy heart – perhaps to coincide with Valentine’s day!

But it’s not just charities doing this work. BBC Radio Oxford had a series of excellent programmes on the subject highlighting some useful and significant information. For instance it is well known that excess sugar can lead to heart and related problems. But did you know that a single can of Cola contains 35 grammes of sugar and that the recommended daily sugar intake for adults is 30 grammes! This means that any sugar consumed in drinks and food beyond that one item will mean consumption beyond the recommended daily intake. 

Poor diet is linked to poor heart health. It is obvious that cakes and biscuits are best avoided if we want to reduce our sugar consumption, but BBC Radio Oxford raised the problem of hidden sugars. It is less obvious that many breakfast cereals contain sugar, even those that are promoted for their healthy attributes. 

Better, clearer packaging information is probably the answer. 

But knowledge concerning diet is always evolving. It was therefore fascinating to read in the Times of Saturday 14th   February 2023 that new evidence is emerging that suggests that eating cheese may not be bad for us after all. Emma Feeney, an assistant professor of food science at University College Dublin suggests that a moderate intake of some cheeses rather than causing raised cholesterol and blocked arteries may actually prevent these problems ! 

I was delighted to see the Times article highlighting some of my favourites “Eat Jarlsberg for Healthier bones…. Parmesan is good for gut health…..Roquefort helps to fight infection…..Mozzarella supports sleep….” 

To those of us who love cheese this was great to read. But I guess moderation in all things is what matters with cheese as with so much else. 

But Pulse is not here to give advice on diet. We are not qualified to do so. What we can and will do is to provide Life and other insurance protection products for individuals whose application for cover has been declined or postponed due to a heart attack or heart related issue. You can find information relating to the cover available for various heart related conditions here.

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