Hazardous hobbies insured!

Hazardous hobbies and how to insure them!


Bungee jumping was apparently “invented” by the Dangerous Sports Club in 1979 when one of their members jumped from the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol. The original windsurfer just fixed a broom-handle and a sail to an old surfboard. Scuba diving was first popularised by Jacques Cousteau and his team aboard the Calypso who revealed the amazing worlds hidden beneath the seas…

The linking factor between all of these disparate sports is that they now have millions of active participants. Far from being fringe activities they now appeal to suit wearing city types as much as they do gap year adventurers. However all sports carry risk and the more adrenalin fuelled the sport the greater the risk that something could go wrong injuring the participant and even other people. This is where Pulse Insurance can help. Its proven ability to provide solutions for people needing non-standard solutions is ideally suited to anyone involved in sports or hobbies with an increased risk. Pulse can provide individuals and groups with bespoke Personal Accident insurance and Life insurance and can also provide specially tailored Group Travel insurance.

The other trend is increasing participation in fundraising events: according to research by JustGiving and the Active Network the number of fundraising events increased sevenfold between 2007 and 2013 and numbers still seem to be increasing.

José Golding, one of Pulse’s team of specialists said, “These days just because you are over 60 doesn’t mean you want to put on your slippers and sit in front of the TV: retirement often means the chance to do the things you always wanted to. If that means raising money for a charity or good cause by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (like me!!) or abseiling off a building, that’s fantastic.”

Of course we can help professionals as well as amateurs and Pulse is particularly experienced in helping those needing larger sums insured or requiring tailored coverage: working with our underwriters we can offer PA and Life cover to participants in most types of activity.

Pulse’s expertise in team sports means that we have been providing life insurance cover to both amateur and professional Rugby League players for many years, we also offer cover to professionals in motor racing, horse riding, mountain biking, moto cross, ice climbing and diving as well as traditional team sports.

In fact we think that when it comes to insuring sport and hazardous hobbies, “When the computer says no! Talk to Pulse.”


1. Pulse Insurance is an award winning specialist insurance business that offers life and protection products to intermediaries and direct to consumers. It specialises in innovative and bespoke cover not available in the standard market and provides cover to both individuals and groups. Pulse Insurance is authorised by the FCA and is an approved Coverholder at Lloyd’s.
2. For more information visit www.pulse-insurance.co.uk
3. The Event Fundraising Monitor, published by JustGiving and the Active Network, says the number of fundraising events increased sevenfold between 2007 and 2013.