Happy Christmas from all of us at Pulse and STB

At long last we are starting to emerge from the shadow of the Covid pandemic and things feel more normal.  Face to face meetings are back and it was wonderful to see so many people brave train disruption and blizzards to make our staff Christmas lunch last week.  I think we all miss meeting and talking to the people we work with over a cup of tea, coffee or something stronger!  Here is to more of this in 2023.

We are, of course, very grateful for all the support that we have been shown over the course of 2022.  Thank you!  We are also incredibly proud of the dedication and hard work that everyone at Pulse has put in.  Our underwriting teams and processing teams on Specialty, Life and Sports & Leisure have all been working flat out and it is clear from your reaction as our brokers and key partners, that you see us as a leading market in all of the niche areas where we operate.  That is exactly as it should be.

We pride ourselves on innovation, responsiveness and knowledge of our specialist markets.  The evidence from the increase in business volumes is that you see us that way too and that we add value to the business we work on.  Creativity and innovation is what we pride ourselves on, so if you would like to discuss an idea, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

2022 has been an exciting year but there is a huge amount planned for 2023.  I am looking forward to it already!

Happy Christmas and thank you for all your support.


All of the team at Pulse