Group Life Insurance

Pulse is well known for providing life insurance for individuals who cannot get the cover they require from the standard market. This may be due to medical problems or the nature and or location of their work.

Sometimes we are asked to provide the Death in Service cover for an individual whose medical condition means that the underwriters of the Group Death in Service benefits can no longer include the individual in the Group protection. We will, in many cases, be able to offer terms to protect the individuals Death in Service benefits. This can be particularly important to SME’s as it can remove the threat to their balance sheet.

But Pulse has for many years also provided Group Life insurance itself. Most of our cover will be on an annual basis but we can provide a shorter term if required.

Indeed, much of what we do for Groups is on a bespoke basis. We will design protection to suit a Company’s particular requirements. For instance, for a UK company, with Health Care workers operating in hazardous, politically unstable areas we can and have provided a combination of Death by Natural Causes only Life cover combined with Accidental Death cover that itself can be extended to include ancillary disability benefits. This can provide the company and its employees with very broad protection.

We can cover up to $5m any one life for groups.

We can provide Group Life Protection that is quite standard but will, in many cases, be able to offer terms that require a bespoke approach to the medical needs of the insured persons.

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