Getting life insurance with cystic fibrosis

This week is Cystic Fibrosis awareness from 17th to 23rd June 2024 and you may see a blast of yellow that people are wearing on Fri 21st June for charities like Cystic Fibrosis Trust!

Cystic fibrosis is a life threatening genetic disease that affects the lungs and makes it hard to breathe. There is over 10,800 people living with it is the UK.

The way cystic fibrosis is managed has changed significantly in the last 10 years. As a result many individuals who suffer from this ailment now have better general health and a better prognosis.

Even with this development, individuals with the cystic fibrosis condition still struggle to get terms for life insurance in the mainstream insurance market.

For those with cystic fibrosis, Pulse Insurance Limited as Insurance specialists have sourced personal or business life insurance cover for these individuals.

Pulse Insurance have arranged life insurance cover for a 25 year old lady who has cystic fibrosis and had complications of diabetes although was well controlled and compliant with her treatment.

Pulse have also been able to provide cover for a 31 year old gentleman with cystic fibrosis with a good pulmonary function, compliant and with no complications.

One of the primary risk factors when we review this kind of medical history are condition’s stability, treatment compliance and the kind of severity of any consequences or symptoms.

Pulse are help to provide the valuable protection that you need. For more information or to request a quotation, please contact [email protected] or call us on 01280 841430.



Please note that any reference to examples are correct at time of publishing and may not reflect current circumstances of insurance cover available.