Celebrating 20 years of Pulse!

Paul Sandilands is Chairman of Pulse Insurance Limited.  Here, he reflects on what makes Pulse such a special business:

I regard myself as fortunate to be chairman of Pulse Insurance Limited. It is such an interesting company.

One of my favourite stories about our company was told to me by one of our longest serving team members. She told me how she was having supper with a group of friends. They were all moaning about their jobs. She said to me “but I kept quiet …. because I enjoy my work!”.

So much of what we have achieved is the product of a shared belief of our team that what we do is not only interesting but also of great importance to our clients. This belief is the central driver of the company.

Over the past 20 years we have stuck to our founding principles – we remain specialists and not generalists, providing solutions in “difficult to place” Life and other protection cases. Our role is to arrange cover where, for a variety of reasons, the standard market is unable to help.

Many of our clients have been declined the cover they want before they come to us. Sometimes their advisors know they will be declined by the standard market, so they come straight us.

Over the years we have provided cover for many hundreds of individuals whose problems have included diabetes, cholesterol, height-weight issues, raised blood pressure, a combination of these problems, heart attack, cancer, cystic fibrosis, multiple sclerosis and complex mental health issues. The list continually expands. Advances in medical science enable more and more health conditions to be considered as Insurance.

We built a reputation for providing life cover for individuals who were HIV positive. Now this is a problem that can be dealt with, increasingly, by the standard market. But Pulse is always forging ahead into new and challenging problem areas. So, we have provided cover for recipients of kidney transplants and liver transplants.

We deal not only with individuals but also with groups and we were able to provide a very complete insurance solution for the medical teams going to Sierra Leone at the time of the Ebola crisis.

Our team has recently been joined by Senior underwriter Joe Balsom who has a comprehensive Binding Agreement with Lloyd’s of London and has full authority to underwrite Personal Accident and Group Travel Business, and can also cover non-standard risks such as visits to war zones and maritime security.

We are proud of the numerous Awards we have won over the years, the most recent being the 2016 Cover Excellence Best Specialist Intermediary of the Year. The Awards are a recognition that we make an important contribution to the Insurance Protection Industry. But the most important thing that we do is to help our clients. We can’t help in every case that comes our way but I know that our team will do their utmost to help.

For more details please visit our website:  www.pulse-insurance.co.uk 

Or contact one of the team on:

Telephone:  01280 841430     E-mail:  [email protected]

Notes to editors:

  1. Pulse Insurance is an award winning specialist insurance business that offers life and protection products to intermediaries and direct to consumers. It specialises in innovative and bespoke cover not available in the standard market and provides cover to both individuals and groups. Pulse Insurance is authorised by the FCA and is an approved Coverholder at Lloyd’s.
  1. Paul Sandilands is Executive Chairman of Pulse. He has been connected with Lloyd’s of London for the majority of his working life. He has written numerous articles on Lloyd’s and specialist aspects of life assurance and has also given many talks on these subjects.