Case Studies: How Pulse can help with challenging covers.

I am often asked what Pulse does, so here are some examples of the work we do for individuals and groups with challenging or unusual life, personal accident or travel cover requirements.

Everything is bespoke and premiums are calculated on a case by case basis meaning that pricing and cover is tailored to the individual’s circumstances.

We help people whose medical problems are preventing them from getting the cover they require from the normal insurance providers. Many Pulse applicants will already have been declined by the standard market.

Behind the applications lie individual stories. For instance, we are currently dealing with an application for life cover where the male applicant needs cover to support a mortgage. But he was born with a heart defect which required surgery to correct. The operation was carried out successfully. He now needs Life cover because he is starting a family and needs life insurance to cover his mortgage so that his family will be protected in the event of his death.

We do not succeed in every case that comes our way, we pride ourselves on being able to offer some form of cover for people who have been declined elsewhere and but when we do succeed it is the stories that lie behind the simple figures that makes our work satisfying.  We will do our very best for every inquiry that comes our way. That is the central ethos of the company.

The commonplace medical problems of today, diabetes, height/weight issues, heart disease, high blood pressure, or combinations of these problems dominate our inquiries. Below are examples where   we have successfully provided insurance protection, showing the age of the applicant, medical condition, the amount of cover required (Sum Assured), for how long, and Premium.

Female 67

Diabetes & High Blood Pressure

Sum Assured; £350,000 over 10 years

£79 pcm


Female 41

Diabetes, Depression & Cholesterol

Sum Assured; £200,000 over 5 years

£71 pcm


Male 64

Diabetes & Heart Disease

Sum Assured £239,000 over 10 years

£487 pcm


Female 33

Diabetes, Gout, Kidney Disease

Sum Assured £150,000 over 3 years

£50.50 pcm


Male 51

Diabetes & BMI

Sum Assured £33,000 over 25 years

£17.41 pcm


Male 65

Diabetes, High Blood Pressure & Heart Attack

Sum Assured £80,000 over 5 years

£87.96 pcm


As medical advances are made underwriters, who calculate the premium, are able to provide cover in cases where, even a few years ago, it would have been impossible. Kidney transplant technology is a case in point. A friend witnessed a kidney transplant operation. He was astonished by the speed with which the operation was carried out and also by the way the colour of the patient improved so quickly. It is the significant advances in the technology that has enabled underwriters to provide quotations in many of the cases that come our way. The availability and pricing of cover will depend on factors including whether the donor is live, related to the recipient and also, critically, on the absence of rejection post-surgery. Here are some example cases where we have been successful;

Male 61

Kidney Transplant / Business Protection

Sum Assured £250,000 over 5 years

£597 pcm


Male 55

Kidney Transplant, Heart Disease & Family History

Sum Assured £100,000 over 15 Years

£58.41 pcm


Male 42

Kidney Transplant

Sum Assured £78,000 over 15 years

£24.85 pcm


Liver transplants are generally still more challenging when it comes to Life Assurance. I went with one of our underwriters to Addenbroke’s Hospital, Cambridge, to speak with one of the UK’s leading Liver transplant experts. That was a great privilege but it is an example of the way in which a number of specialist underwriters keep building knowledge which in turn enables them to provide quotations. We have had some success as the cases below illustrate.


Male 39

Liver Transplant

SA £110,000 over 15 years

£66.09 pcm


Male 70

Liver Transplant

Sum Assured £60,000 over 3 years

£222.33 pcm


The cover we provide includes death from Covid 19 but underwriters are continually reacting to the pandemic. They may restrict the amount of cover, on offer particularly if the Applicant is over 60 and or diabetic. And in some cases, they may postpone making a decision for 6 months.

Our Specialty division has been able to provide cover for individuals and companies with unusual occupations or high sums insuredAccidental Death cover can either offer some level of indemnity where life cover has been declined or work in tandem to provide a full spectrum of cover. The team can also provide travel and kidnap & ransom cover for individuals and groups.

  •  A British comedian required accidental death and disablement cover at £2m for one day whilst filming for a tv show in London. The cover was required because the individual would be riding a moped as part of the scene.
  •  An Explosive Ordinance disposal specialist training government forces in Somalia who required AD cover during her occupational duties.
  •  A consultant who was advising the Kurdish government in Erbil, Iraq.
  •  Combined AD and Life cover for a Yemeni organisation with a total sum insured of nearly $2m.
  •  Cover for an internationally renowned band and full crew for a three month tour of Asia. (Travel and PA)
  •  Provided PA and Travel cover for a large UK film production on location in Japan during Typhoon Hagibis in 2019.
  •  Kidnap and Ransom cover for a UK film crew interviewing cartel members in Colombia regarding the international drug trade.

If you require any further information or wish to request a quote please contact our team:

[email protected]

01280 841 430

My simple message to anyone who has had problems or thinks they will have problems in obtaining the life assurance insurance they require is please do contact us. We will do our very best for you.

Paul Sandilands, Chairman.