Advice to clients following the recent air traffic control disruption

Due to the air traffic control fault on the 28th August 2023, many customers are experiencing disruption to their travel plans.

The customer should have protection under the Denied Boarding Regulation (Regulation

261/2004 EC). The flight is covered under EU Law if the flight either:

  • Departing from an airport in the UK on any airline, or
  • Arriving at an airport in the UK on an EU or UK airline; or
  • Arriving at an airport in the EU on a UK airline.

Please see our advice below on specific elements which may occur during this disruption, we would however expect all costs to be reasonable and justifiable, and that sufficient attempts at recovering the loss from your service provider/tour operator has been undertaken (You may be asked to evidence this upon claiming);

Travel Delay Inconvenience Benefit

Where the delay occurs due to none of the reasons specified within the exclusions on the policy, cover may be afforded. This will be provided irrelevant of any recoverable costs from the airline.

If the delayed/cancelled flight exceeds the timeframe stated in the policy wording cover may be provided for:

Cancellation or Curtailment

– Package trips;

if the customer’s package provider/airline has cancelled their booking, they should speak to their tour operator or airline to postpone the trip or arrange a refund. The customer will be protected under ‘The Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018,’ where they are entitled to a full refund.

– Non-package trip;

Covered as standard under “Section 2 – Cancellation, Curtailment, Replacement and Change of Itinerary” This may include additional accommodation expenses if your trip is extended, public transport expenses to continue your trip home, difference in costs for alternative flights should this be a reasonable costs comparative to additional accommodation expenses.

Additional costs

Reasonable additional costs for sustenance may be available if you have to extend your trip.

There is no cover for disinclination to travel.

For the latest advice customers should speak with their service provider/tour operator.

Please note our policy excludes claims where the circumstances are known to the customer at time of booking the trip, which could reasonably have been expected to lead to a claim